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Expression of Interest for lease out space at the New Shopping Complex

Expression of Interest


PANJAB UNIVERSITY intends to lease out space at the New Shopping Complex available at the ground floor (area 1000 sq. ft. hall) for Franchise to Departmental Stores like ‘Reliance Fresh’, ‘BIG Bazaar’, ‘More’ etc.  and on first floor (area 1500 sq. ft. hall & 2000 sq. ft. hall) for Food Court to include Subway, KFC, McDonald, Café Coffee day etc. Interested individual/organization may submit their detailed presentations in office of the Registrar on 20th November, 2015 at 3.00 p.m.




  Dated: 29/10/2015
108/10/2018Soild Waste Management - Circular 08.10.2018
219/09/2018Institutional Swachhata Ranking-2018
324/08/2018Issues of the Students
424/08/2018Appeal for donation in the wake of devastating flood in Kerala
520/08/2018DRAFT - Internship Policy for Students of Technical Education
616/08/2018Holiday on 17.08.2018 As a mark of respect to the departed former Prime Minister of India
716/08/2018Quotations invited for the purchase of tyres and tubes for official bus
914/08/2018Urgent Circular regarding post facto approval
1009/08/2018 Invitation for Independence Day Function(15.08.2018).
1118/07/2018Honours/Incentive to the non-teaching employees on the eve of Independence day i.e. 15th August, 2018
1218/07/2018Urgent Circular
1331/05/2010Vehicle Free Zone
1431/05/2018Invitation for Get Together Scheduled on 01-06-2018 at 5:00 P.M at the Lawns of Guest House P.U Chd
1529/05/2018Circular regarding Transparency in Tender Process
1626/05/2018Invitation for the Inauguration of Neerja Bhanot Girls Hostel #10
1711/05/2018NIQ for checking and filing GST Return
1810/05/2018Lok Sabha Internship Programme-2018
1907/05/2018Mosquitoes breeding and consequent out-break of diseases - preventive measures thereof
2007/05/2018Electricity consumption during summer, etc.
2125/04/2018Quotations for the various items for connectivity of the Biometric machines
2220/04/2018Inviting applications for the post of DDG/Scientist-F in National Institute of Solar Energy, Gurugram (Faridabad)
2301/04/2018URGENT Notice - Postponement of Faculty Meeting
2430/03/2018Advertisement & Application Format for Appointment of Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh
2507/03/2018circular regarding pending case or cases that have not been accepted earlier where their past service(s) have technical breaks which are covered under UGC Regulations
2627/02/2018Regarding issuance of GST Certificate
2708/02/2018ACR Rules
2808/02/2018ACR Proforma of Class C
2908/02/2018ACR Proforma of Class B
3008/02/2018ACR Proforma of Class A
3108/02/2018WALK-IN-INTERVIEW for non-teaching staff at P.U. Constituent Colleges (Temp.)
3224/01/2018Republic Day Celebration - Invitation
3318/01/2018Invitation for participation in Executive Leadership Programme
3401/01/2018Circular regarding the awards & Honour on eve of26th January, 2018.
3514/12/2017Procedure to be followed while addressing legal cases
3601/12/2017Quotations invited for the various items for connectivity of the biometric machines to the entrance doors of the administrative block
3722/11/2017Updation of data of Teaching and Non-teaching employees - PU Diary 2018
3827/10/2017Information regarding numbers of days of temporary/daily wage/contractual employees
3926/10/2017Action Taken Report on preventive measures to check the spread of Dengue and other water borne diseases
4025/10/2017Regarding installation of electrical appliances
4117/10/2017Eradication of Dengue and Chikungunya
4216/10/2017Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
4313/10/2017Quotations invited for the various items for connectivity of the biometric machines to the entrance doors of the administrative block
4406/10/2017Rates for re-canning of chairs
4527/09/2017One hour long Swachhta Abhiyan on 29.09.2017 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
4618/09/2017Inviting quotation for checking and filing of GST Return for rental and Scientific & Technical services provided by the University
4713/09/2017Monkey Menace
4817/08/2017Office Note regarding replacement of portraits of Hon'ble President and Hon'ble Vice-President of India.
4916/08/2017Circular regarding non use of words viz. Harijan and Girijan in official glossary, etc.
5004/08/2017Quotation invited for the re-canning of the chairs etc.
5102/08/2017Invitation and Minute to Minute Programme of Independence Day 2017
5201/08/2017circular regarding surplus furniture
5301/08/2017circular regarding priced articles
5428/07/2017quotations invited for the purchase of computers & printers
5527/07/2017Circular regarding the awards & Honour on eve of 15th August, 2017.
5620/07/2017Collection of Educational Statistical (Numerical) Data for the Academic Session 2016-17
5720/07/2017quotations invited for the purchase of computers & printers
5813/07/2017Regarding relieving of employees who have been appointed as Booth Level Officer by the Deputy Commissioner, U.T., Chandigarh, to conduct special driver to enroll left out electors
5905/07/2017Revision of Rent of Auditoria, Lawns etc
6012/06/2017Preventive measures to be adopted to avoid mis-happening.
6130/05/2017Invitation for faculty get together on the eve of summer vacation 2017-18
6216/05/2017Shifting of Venue of Polling Booth
6312/05/2017Notice- Adjournment of Election of Joint Secretary of PUCCSA-2017
6425/04/2017PUCCSA Election Re-Schedule Notice -2017
6525/04/2017PUCCSA Election Re-Schedule Notice -2017
6619/04/2017Notice- Postponement of Elections of PUCCSA 2017
6718/04/2017Office Order - To carry and display Identity Cards
6806/03/2017Quotations invited for furniture article
6917/02/2017quotations invited for furniture article
7001/02/2017PUSA Election Schedule for 2017
7117/01/2017quotations invited for the purchase of copy printer
7217/01/2017quotations invited for the purchase of printers
7317/01/2017quotations invited for the purchase of various items for annual report
7424/11/2016quotations invited for the purchase of Diaries 2017
7527/07/2016Circular for Awards/Honour 2016
7628/06/2016Enhancement of Rent/License fee ,WC, SC & GFMC w.e.f 1.4.2016
7727/06/2016Effective rate Service tax would be 15% from 1st June, 2016
7831/05/2016E-tender invited for the purchase and installation of CCTV cameras
7924/05/2016Faculty Get-together
8029/04/2016e-tender invited for the purchase of micro grained plates & P.S. Plates of different sizes
8112/04/2016corrigendum regarding the tender floated for livery articles
8217/03/2016Recruitment for the post of Draftsman
8323/02/2016Question Booklet & Answer key of 'Written Objective Type Test' for J.E. (Electrical)
8423/02/2016Public Notice for the post of J.E.(Electrical)
8523/02/2016Re- e tender for Mess Catering Services at Golden Jubilee Guest House
8617/02/2016CAS Circular
8717/02/2016Transfer Policy
8802/02/2016Shooting in campus Sec 14 and 25
8915/01/2016advertisement of shops/booths and canteens
9023/12/2015WALK-IN INTERVIEW FOR ENGAGING AS ACCOUNTANT (Temprory Basis, Advt. No. 5/2015)
9121/12/2015E-tender for leasing out the Mess Catering Services at Golden Jubilee Guest .
9216/12/2015Circular for Awards & Honour on eve of Republic Day 2016
9317/11/2015Expression of Interest for Smart parking facilities and services of eco-friendly e-transport systems
9406/11/2015Expression of Interest to provide services for Scanning/Digitization of records of various units
9530/10/2015List of candidates short-listed for interview for the post of Draftsman-01 (Advt. No. 4/2012)
9621/09/2015Question Booklet & Answer Key for the Written Objective Type Test for the post of Draftsman held on 20.9.2015.
9707/09/2015Public Notice-cum- Admit Card-cum-List of eligible-cum- for the post of Draftsman
9830/07/2015Interview Schedule for Deputy Registrar-6 (Advt. No. 1/2013)
9927/07/2015Amended Draft of Lease- Deed of Student Centre Shops for individual
10027/07/2015Amended Draft of Lease- Deed of Student Centre Shops for company
10127/07/2015Amended Draft of Lease- Deed of Shops Sector 14 & 25 for individual
10227/07/2015Amended Draft of Lease- Deed of Shops Sector 14 & 25 for company
10322/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Student Centre Shops for individual
10422/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Student Centre Shops for Company
10522/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Shops for individual
10622/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Shops for individual
10722/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Shops for Company
10815/07/2015Awards/Honour on the Eve of Independence Day, 2015
10909/07/2015list of eligible and non eligible candidates for the posts under DST-Centre for Policy Research
11025/05/2015Gazette list for the Post of Daily Wagers Clerks (Advt. No. 01/2015)-2015
11118/05/2015Quotation invited for Lamination Rolls
11203/05/2015List of shortlisted 825 eligible candidates for Interview for the post of Helper on D.W. (Advt. No. 6/2014)
11319/12/1983Honours/Incentive to the non-teaching employees on the eve of Republic Day i.e. 26th January, 2015

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