Registrar's Office

Notice Board/Circulars

107/03/2018circular regarding pending case or cases that have not been accepted earlier where their past service(s) have technical breaks which are covered under UGC Regulations
227/02/2018Regarding issuance of GST Certificate
308/02/2018ACR Rules
408/02/2018ACR Proforma of Class C
508/02/2018ACR Proforma of Class B
608/02/2018ACR Proforma of Class A
708/02/2018WALK-IN-INTERVIEW for non-teaching staff at P.U. Constituent Colleges (Temp.)
824/01/2018Republic Day Celebration - Invitation
918/01/2018Invitation for participation in Executive Leadership Programme
1001/01/2018Circular regarding the awards & Honour on eve of26th January, 2018.
1114/12/2017Procedure to be followed while addressing legal cases
1201/12/2017Quotations invited for the various items for connectivity of the biometric machines to the entrance doors of the administrative block
1322/11/2017Updation of data of Teaching and Non-teaching employees - PU Diary 2018
1427/10/2017Information regarding numbers of days of temporary/daily wage/contractual employees
1526/10/2017Action Taken Report on preventive measures to check the spread of Dengue and other water borne diseases
1625/10/2017Regarding installation of electrical appliances
1717/10/2017Eradication of Dengue and Chikungunya
1816/10/2017Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
1913/10/2017Quotations invited for the various items for connectivity of the biometric machines to the entrance doors of the administrative block
2006/10/2017Rates for re-canning of chairs
2127/09/2017One hour long Swachhta Abhiyan on 29.09.2017 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
2218/09/2017Inviting quotation for checking and filing of GST Return for rental and Scientific & Technical services provided by the University
2313/09/2017Monkey Menace
2417/08/2017Office Note regarding replacement of portraits of Hon'ble President and Hon'ble Vice-President of India.
2516/08/2017Circular regarding non use of words viz. Harijan and Girijan in official glossary, etc.
2604/08/2017Quotation invited for the re-canning of the chairs etc.
2702/08/2017Invitation and Minute to Minute Programme of Independence Day 2017
2801/08/2017circular regarding surplus furniture
2901/08/2017circular regarding priced articles
3028/07/2017quotations invited for the purchase of computers & printers
3127/07/2017Circular regarding the awards & Honour on eve of 15th August, 2017.
3220/07/2017Collection of Educational Statistical (Numerical) Data for the Academic Session 2016-17
3320/07/2017quotations invited for the purchase of computers & printers
3413/07/2017Regarding relieving of employees who have been appointed as Booth Level Officer by the Deputy Commissioner, U.T., Chandigarh, to conduct special driver to enroll left out electors
3505/07/2017Revision of Rent of Auditoria, Lawns etc
3612/06/2017Preventive measures to be adopted to avoid mis-happening.
3730/05/2017Invitation for faculty get together on the eve of summer vacation 2017-18
3816/05/2017Shifting of Venue of Polling Booth
3916/05/2017Security and Safety Audit of Department/Branch/Office
4012/05/2017Notice- Adjournment of Election of Joint Secretary of PUCCSA-2017
4125/04/2017PUCCSA Election Re-Schedule Notice -2017
4225/04/2017PUCCSA Election Re-Schedule Notice -2017
4319/04/2017Notice- Postponement of Elections of PUCCSA 2017
4418/04/2017Office Order - To carry and display Identity Cards
4512/04/2017Urgent Notice - VC to address all Chairpersons, Directors and Coordinators of Teaching Deptts. today at 2:30 p.m.
4606/03/2017Quotations invited for furniture article
4717/02/2017quotations invited for furniture article
4814/02/20172017 Korean Government Scholarship Program
4902/02/2017Holiday on 4th February 2017 (General Elections to the state assembly)
5001/02/2017PUSA Election Schedule for 2017
5124/01/2017Invitation & Minute-to-Minute programme(26.01.2017).
5217/01/2017quotations invited for the purchase of copy printer
5317/01/2017quotations invited for the purchase of printers
5417/01/2017quotations invited for the purchase of various items for annual report
5524/11/2016quotations invited for the purchase of Diaries 2017
5627/07/2016Circular for Awards/Honour 2016
5728/06/2016Enhancement of Rent/License fee ,WC, SC & GFMC w.e.f 1.4.2016
5827/06/2016Effective rate Service tax would be 15% from 1st June, 2016
5931/05/2016E-tender invited for the purchase and installation of CCTV cameras
6024/05/2016Faculty Get-together
6129/04/2016e-tender invited for the purchase of micro grained plates & P.S. Plates of different sizes
6212/04/2016corrigendum regarding the tender floated for livery articles
6317/03/2016Recruitment for the post of Draftsman
6423/02/2016Question Booklet & Answer key of 'Written Objective Type Test' for J.E. (Electrical)
6523/02/2016Public Notice for the post of J.E.(Electrical)
6623/02/2016Re- e tender for Mess Catering Services at Golden Jubilee Guest House
6717/02/2016CAS Circular
6817/02/2016Transfer Policy
6902/02/2016Shooting in campus Sec 14 and 25
7015/01/2016advertisement of shops/booths and canteens
7123/12/2015WALK-IN INTERVIEW FOR ENGAGING AS ACCOUNTANT (Temprory Basis, Advt. No. 5/2015)
7221/12/2015E-tender for leasing out the Mess Catering Services at Golden Jubilee Guest .
7316/12/2015Circular for Awards & Honour on eve of Republic Day 2016
7417/11/2015Expression of Interest for Smart parking facilities and services of eco-friendly e-transport systems
7506/11/2015Expression of Interest to provide services for Scanning/Digitization of records of various units
7630/10/2015List of candidates short-listed for interview for the post of Draftsman-01 (Advt. No. 4/2012)
7729/10/2015Expression of Interest for lease out space at the New Shopping Complex
7821/09/2015Question Booklet & Answer Key for the Written Objective Type Test for the post of Draftsman held on 20.9.2015.
7907/09/2015Public Notice-cum- Admit Card-cum-List of eligible-cum- for the post of Draftsman
8030/07/2015Interview Schedule for Deputy Registrar-6 (Advt. No. 1/2013)
8127/07/2015Amended Draft of Lease- Deed of Student Centre Shops for individual
8227/07/2015Amended Draft of Lease- Deed of Student Centre Shops for company
8327/07/2015Amended Draft of Lease- Deed of Shops Sector 14 & 25 for individual
8427/07/2015Amended Draft of Lease- Deed of Shops Sector 14 & 25 for company
8522/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Student Centre Shops for individual
8622/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Student Centre Shops for Company
8722/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Shops for individual
8822/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Shops for individual
8922/07/2015Draft of Lease- deed of Shops for Company
9015/07/2015Awards/Honour on the Eve of Independence Day, 2015
9109/07/2015list of eligible and non eligible candidates for the posts under DST-Centre for Policy Research
9225/05/2015Gazette list for the Post of Daily Wagers Clerks (Advt. No. 01/2015)-2015
9318/05/2015Quotation invited for Lamination Rolls
9403/05/2015List of shortlisted 825 eligible candidates for Interview for the post of Helper on D.W. (Advt. No. 6/2014)
9519/12/1983Honours/Incentive to the non-teaching employees on the eve of Republic Day i.e. 26th January, 2015

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